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Is there advice on shoes and socks etc?

  • Yes, and we’ll go through all that as well!

Sensitive one this, but is there a right frame of mind to ensure you get the best from your walk along the Camino?

  • Definitely!

Should you ‘train and prepare’?

  • Yes, and we’ll go through all that beforehand!

A private experience for your own personal reasons?

  • Totally respected!

Make an effort to meet all nationalities along the way?

  • Greatly encouraged!

A sense of adventure?

  • Absolutely, every day!

Walk as fast or as slow as you want to each day?

  • Yes again, no problem!

Choose where and what you want to eat each evening?

  • Yes, no problem!

Bag transfer each day?

  • Yes, and no extra charge!

Private airport transfers before and after your walk?

  • Yes, can be arranged!

And lastly, will you come back and do another stage with me?

  • Very likely!